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Laminate flooring is constructed with several different layers of tightly pressed wood composites. The surface is also protected with a tough external layer and resin coating. This process makes the floor very durable and more scratch resistant than other flooring options. If you have any heavy furniture, like a pool table or piano, this is a floor you'll want to consider.

Realistic looks

Laminates are designed to replicate the look of real wood. The grain and texture can be created by an Embossed in Register surface. This means the texture on the surface of the flooring follows the pattern of the grain for a very realist look and feel.

You'll also find a wide range of color options for laminate flooring. There's beautiful selections for natural wood looks or a sleek, modern feel.


In the past laminates have been known to bubble up if liquids seep into the seams of the planks and sit for a long period of time. Manufactures have developed new technology to make the surface and the tongue and groove lock system waterproof. This waterproof feature makes laminates a great option for areas with running water, and families with kids or pets.

If you like the look of hardwood, but need something more durable, come take a look at our laminate selections! You'll find beautiful colors, durable products, and great price points.