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Hardwood flooring

Whether you are building your forever home or updating to put your current home on the market, hardwood flooring is going to be a great option. Not only will it raise the property value of your home, it has a beautiful look and feel that will never go out of style.

Solid & engineered

Engineered flooring is a manufactured product made with compressed layers of wood. The layers give more room for the floor to expand and contract with temperature changes and moisture in the air. Depending on the size of the veneer (top layer), most engineered woods can be sanded and refinished up to two times.

Solid flooring is a single piece of lumber. Depending on the species, this wood is known for its endurance. It also gives you the option of sanding and finishing multiple times throughout a lifetime.


In Utah's dry climate hardwood requires more maintenance. The species you choose and the amount of moisture in the air will determine how well your hardwood floor wears over time.

The species that hold up best in dry climates are:
  • Oak
  • White Oak
  • Maple
  • Birch

Every species needs a certain percentage of humidity maintain floors longevity. Because our climate is so dry, we do recommend placing a humidifier in your AC unit.

Nothing beats the look of natural hardwood flooring! If you want this timeless look in your home, come check out our amazing selection of hard woods.