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Our different carpets are made up of Nylon, Polyester, and SmartStrand fibers.

  • A tough fiber for a durable long lasting carpet
  • Great for high traffic areas

  • Very soft and easy to clean
  • Great price point

  • Does not absorb liquids
  • The yarn is built in a zigzag to help the carpet bounce back and wear well over time
  • Great for families with kids and pets

Patterned & plush

Patterned carpets bring a fun style and texture to your space, whether it's a subtle pattern or a bold one. Plush carpets are warm and welcoming. They can give your home the cozy feeling you are looking for.

The short pile makes the carpet more durable when it comes to wear. Patterned carpet will look brand new years down the road. It's great for high traffic areas or rugs. You can get patterned carpets in Nylon, Polyester, or SmartStrand.

Plush carpets are very soft to the touch and comfortable to walk on. If you love to spend time in your living room with your family, plush carpet is the way to go. This carpet is also available in Nylon, Polyester, or SmartStrand.

Choosing your carpet

Finding the right carpet for your space can be overwhelming. Knowing the location of the carpet and the size of your space can help pin down the type, style, and feel of your carpet.

Think about where your carpet will be located in your home. If it is a high traffic area like stairs or an entry way, you'll want a durable carpet that is going to wear well. Low pile, patterned carpets are great for these areas. If your location is a master bedroom, a lighter plush carpet can be used for areas that do not have heavy traffic.

For smaller rooms, a lighter colored carpet can create a feeling of spaciousness. Whereas for a larger room, having a darker carpet can make the space feel cozier and inviting.

We can find the perfect carpet for you! Whether you're looking for new carpet in your home or commercial space, we've got selection of carpets you will love. You'll find beautiful styles and patterns that are soft and durable.